relationship recovery

Relationship Recovery Matrix Audio Series

Turn The End Of Your Relationship Into A Positive New Beginning

Are you divorced, separated or bereaved or simply had a big falling out with someone you care about?  Are you struggling to get on with life now? Do you feel bitter, sad, angry or rejected? Are you finding it hard to deal with other people's reactions and feeling at a loss with how best to support your kids at this time? Do you find yourself dreading Christmas and holidays?  Have you lost your confidence, your social life and your enthusiasm for life?  Then this audio series is for you.

The Relationship Recovery Matrix audio series has over 12 hours of information, guided exercises, and transformative practices to help you make long-lasting, positive changes to your life.

Get On With Getting Over The End Of Your Relationship

relationship recovery
  • Change how you are thinking about the end of your relationship to feel happier
  • Focus on your own health, well being and safety
  • Learn to look after your own wants and needs
  • Practice new communication strategies to deal with your ex and future relationships
  • Find people who feed your soul and support you and your family
  • Make your emotions your friend and let them guide you
  • Avoid drama and conflict
  • Discover how to support your children through this ending
  • Make positive, practical changes in line with your new financial and material situation
  • Consider what you can learn from this relationship to improve future relationships
  • Practical relaxation techniques
  • Create your own rituals to make meaning of the ending
  • Consider how you want to express your sexuality as you move forward in your life?
  • Create the life you want to live
  • Listen episode by episode and press pause to try out the exercises
  • Drawing on psychological and spiritual approaches to easeful living
  • Coaching tools
  • PDF resources with links and models to deepen your learning and speed up change
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Get On With Getting Over The End Of Your Relationship


Relationship recovery
relationship recovery