1 to 1 Relationship Recovery Coaching and Training

relationship recovery
relationship recovery
relationship recovery
relationship recovery

Going through a breakup or a bereavement?  Get some  support. Relationship Recovery Matrix one to one support is over the phone or Skype so you don't have to leave home. Either pay by the hour (£75) and or invest in the Relationship Recovery Matrix  Coaching and Training Programme:

  • 6 x one hour coaching and training sessions (Usually £450)
  • FREE 20 minute call to find out more
  • email support of up to one email a day
  • FREE access to the Relationship Recovery Audio Series (£49.99)
  • Phone or Skype
  • Spread over as much time as you need to take
  • Only £399 (save £100)

* Important Note: You are the expert in your life;  The Relationship Recovery Matrix is a set of tools and techniques which have been proven to work, but only you can decide how to live your life.  You need to commit to change in order to gain maximum impact from the coaching and training.